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$MUNA Governance Token

MUNA is a utility and governance token of the Muna ecosystem. Muna users will receive $MUNA tokens based on value contributions, activity and participation in the Muna ecosystem. MUNA holders will be able to vote for new asset listing on Muna.

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Fiat onramp & Offramp for DeFi Solutions

Easily buy and sell crypto in African via bank transfer. Safe and fast settlements.


Crypto Savings with Daily Dollar Interest

Earn 12-15% a year in USD just for holding coins. Daily payouts without lock duration. Withdraw any time you want. Support USDN, Waves, BTC, ETH.

Swap your coins

With Muna, you can swap coins instantly with minimal fee. You can cross swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves and USDN anytime and anywhere.

Lend and Borrow Crypto

Easily lend your crypto assets to earn interest and borrow low-interest crypto loans on the Muna app. Borrow and lend BTC, WAVES, USDN, ETH, USDT, USDC. Simple and safe!

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